Texas Sunset Farm Honey
Born: April 17,2013

Sire:   Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam:  758's Minerva

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Texas Sunset Farm Tesla
Born: April 15, 2012

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle:    Spotted 32.5"
Dam:  CA Little Moonglow: (MG) Gray Dun 32.5"

This little spotted girl is flashy and friendly!   She is named after the new electric car company.  I always name MG's foals car names :)
Texas Sunset Farm Honky
Born:  April 13, 2012
Sire:  758's Alberto: Red 33"
Dam:  758's Lady Primrose 32.5"

What a surprise this dark nosed little boy was!  He is a beautiful dark steel gray with a matching nose.  He's very loving and playful. He will be a gelding.  
Texas Sunset Farm Leah
Born: April 28, 2012

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle:  Spotted 32.25"
Dam:  Favro's Pasquale ( Lilly):    Gray Dun 32.75"

Beautiful Silver Gray little girl with a few white forehead hairs and a sweet personality also.  She was born on my grandaughter's birthday, hence her name.  
Texas Sunset Farm Susanna

Sire:  758's Alberto:  Red 33"
Dam: Mueller's Snowy Rose:  Frosted Spotted White 32"

This little girl is only hours old in this picture on the left.  Look at that sweet face.  

Texas Sunset Farm Tonky
Born:  May 4, 2012
Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam:  Day Farm Pia
Honky is sold.
He will be making his new home in north Texas.  Thanks Jessi!
Tonky has gone with Honky to North Texas.  Now they are Honky and Tonky Miniature Donkeys!

Thanks Jessi for giving them a loving home!
Texas Sunset Farm Pancho Villa

Sire:   Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam:  758's Bright Side

What a sweet and friendly boy.  He is a pretty gray with red highlights and a white headlight!  He will soon be a gelding and would make a great performance donkey or just a loving pet.

He is sold and will be called Pancho Villa (named by his new owners)!  Thank you Lone Star Sport Horses of Conroe, Texas.  I know Pancho Villa will have a great home!

Texas Sunset Farm Hailey
Born:  June 21, 2013

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam: Texas Sunset Farm Zoe

This is a tiny little girl!  She is very brave and friendly and is the first one to run up to me.  Available to a good home when weaned.
Texas Sunset Farm CoCo
Born:  June 11, 2013

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam:  758's Minniehaha

Hailey is sold and moving to Mississippi!  Thank you Blue Jack Ridge Ranch!
Honey and Coco are going to reside in Seguin together.  Thank you to the Hildebrands for adding the girls to your family!  They will have a loving home.
Texas Sunset Farm Brandee
Born: July 7th, 2014

Sire:  Rumblelow's Bo Jangles
Dam:  LN A Bit Precious

Brandee is a beautiful NLP (no light points) girl.  She will be sold as a pet only.  She has an overbite so is not breeding quality.  She is super friendly and a little love bug!

Texas Sunset Farm Simone
Born: July 7th, 2014

Sire:  Rumblelow's Bo Jangles

Simone is a pretty black girl with a dark nose.  Her and her BFF, Brandee, were born just hours apart.  She would be a good addition to a breeding program or a loving family pet with Brandee.
Brandee and Simone are sold and going to reside in Forney, TX with the Riley family.  Thanks for giving them a loving home!
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Texas Sunset Farm Mozart
Born: June 7, 2015

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle                 Spotted, 32 "
Dam:  Gardner's Magdawena L.     Spotted, 30"

"Mo" is a beautiful marked (hard to find) spotted stud with a wonderful personality!  He was 18" at birth and would be a prime herd sire.  Great lineage.  (Mozart is now a Gelding.)
Texas Sunset Farm Juliet
Born:  June 29, 2015

Sire: Rumbelow's Bo Jangles  Black, 30.5"  
Dam: Rumblelow's Jelsa          Red,   32.5"

This little girl is a beautiful dark red.  Friendly as can be! colored breeding program. Juliet would be a great addition to a dark color breeding program.

Texas Sunset Farm Dani 
Born: June 21, 2015

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle                Spotted, 32"
Dam:  Little Behind"s Dazzle         Spotted, 30.75"

Dani is a sweet little girl and an excellent addition to a spotted breeding program.  Great lineage back to the Cobra line on Sire's side.

Dani is sold and residing at a beautiful ranch up near Fort Worth with her BFF, Mozart.  (She will be renamed Mona to "go with" Mozart)
Texas Sunset Farm Isabella
Born:  June 29,2015

Sire:  Rumblelow's Bo Jangles  (Black)
Dam:  Rumblew's Ink Spot       (Black)

Isabella is a beautiful girl!


Juliet and Isabella have gone together to the most wonderful home up near Magnolia, Texas!

Thank you... Schillings Family!
Thanh you the Kiersh Family of Leauge City for giving Susanna and Tesla a great home!
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Texas Sunset Farm Pietro
Born: May 31st, 2017
Sire:      Ozark Silver Eagle                          32.5"
Damm:  Mueller's Precious                          33.5"

What a small, sweet and flashy boy!  He would be the perfect herdsire prospect or loving pet!  He will be weaned the end of November.
"Pete" is SOLD!