The Incredible Birth of a
Miniature Donkey
Raising Quality Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

This is a photo journal of the birth of Texas Sunset Farm Carlo.  He came into this world on October 22, 2005 at 11:15 in the morning. His Mom is CA Alpha Centauri aka "Alphie".  His Sire is my Ozark Silver Eagle.  They are both my beautiful and fantastic donkeys!
Look at Alphie's ears!  I wonder, what were her thoughts?  (Probably, could you lose the camera..this is personal!)
Carlo's first successful attempt at standing up.
  Isn't life a wonderful thing!
Alphie checks out her new boy.  It was love at first sight and smell.  This was at the point where I stepped back to let Mom and baby bond.
Time for a little rest.  They  were so calm and peaceful.   How could you not believe in a "God" or higher  being  after
seeing this?
First I saw her acting restless and away from the group....then she laid down and I saw one foot.... so I ran to get my camera.
When I ran back from the house with my camera, his head was clear and ready for his first breath of life.
This was truly remarkable and all this had unfolded in about 15 minutes!
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