Raising Quality Registered Miniature Donkeys
JACKS and Geldings

Texas Sunet Farm Dante
Born: May  2, 2002
Dante is very loving and the first of the boys to run over for some attention. Dante measures 32.5 inches tall. He is now a  dark brown beautiful color. We are now teaching him to drive a cart.  Dam is Day Farm Sophia and Sire is Ozark Silver Eagle.
Texas Sunset Farm Pasquale
Born: September 26, 2002
Flashy spotted and measures 33 inches tall. Nice straight legs and round butt! He is a sweet little boy!  Lineage back to the Bumpus Farm imports and Lugui from Sardinia!   Add some color to your herd!

Texas Sunset Farm Lexus
Born: 7/13/03
Beautiful! Brown and gray and white spotted!  She is a cutie and measured 21" at birth!  Shown here on 1/13/04 , almost six months old. Mercedes is her full sister.

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Texas Sunset Farm Mercedes
Born 4/4/02
Mercedes is a sweet, pretty girl.  I showed her at the Houston Livestock show this year. Great Lineage!
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Texas Sunset Farm Dominique
Born: September 21, 2003
The proud Mother is 758's Dewi! This little girl has black markings including a black stripe and patch on her belly, black ear tips and leg stripes! She could end up to be a brown. Her Dad is Itsy Bitsy Burro Company's Sparky. Lineage back to Luigi 95.
Texas Sunset Farm Lorenzo
Born: Febuary 12, 2003
He has a "pretty face" for a boy!  Great markings.."buttons" on his neck. Great confirmation and bloodlines.  He is starting to get sorrel accents. Lorenzo measures 33" at two years old. He is calm and loves to go for walks under halter. 
Texas Sunset Farm Antonio
Born: December 3, 2002
Antonio is a great, loving pet.  Look at that sweet face!  Dark Brown in color with "garters and zippers "on his legs and 33" at 2.25 years oldl 

Texas Sunset Farm Cristina
Born 12/02/03
Cristina is an unusual brindled brown and white spot. Her coloring is striking and it looks like she has  leggings on.  Her personality is as sweet as she looks! 
Texas Sunset Farm Lucio
Born November 13, 2003
Lucio is a soft colored spotted. Background extends to the original imports.  Texas Sunset Farm Pasquale is his full brother and their markings are almost identical!

"The Boys"
Pia's baby boy:
Texas Sunset Farm Romeo
Born: May 21, 2004
Add some flashy color to your herd!  Romeo is a Gelding.

Texas Sunset Farm Vincenzo
Born: June 15, 2004
Vincenzo is a full brother of Lorenzo.  Mom is Day Farm Skippy and Dad is Ozark Silver Eagle. He has sorrel accents, a spray of white on his forehead and "buttons".Vincenzo is a Gelding.
Texas Sunset Farm Angelina

Thank you to Penny Cooke, Holebrook Farm of Devon, England!  Texas Sunset Farm Angelina and her best buddy Texas Sunset Farm Porsche  are now having spot of tea with their hay !  See my "Newsletter "page for photos of this exciting event!
758's Dewi and Texas Sunset Farm Dino
Sire: 758's Alberto
Born: 2/17/05.
His is black with a cross.  Stocky and correct!
Texas Sunset Farm Priscilla

23 inches at 2 days old.
Born: March 2, 2005
Dam: Day Farm Sprite
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle

(Dino is in the background with his Mom, 758's Dewi)
Texas Sunset Farm Hilary

21 inches at birth
Born: March 4, 2005
Dam: Texas Sunset Farm Sophia
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle

Antonio is a Gelding
Dante is a Gelding
Texas Sunset Farm Giacomo (pronounced: jah-Ko-mo)
Born: March 30th, 2005

758's Sedikit is Mom and 758's Alberto is his Dad.  He has his Dad's small head and ears.  Check out his leg stripes.  We have decided to offer him for sale although we would love to kept him..he is so pretty and sweet.  Picture taken 8/29/05.

Thank you to Deb and Jim Cunningham of Gonzales County for giving Bella and Dominique a great home!
SOLD!  Thank you to Bill and Kathy Torrey of  Kingsbury, Texas!  He will have a loving home.... we know!

"Give me the bowl...I'll ask Mom for more food!
She likes me best!"
Thank you to Annette and Steve Gray of Magnolia, TX.  He will have a great new home!
Texas Sunset Farm Bella

Texas Sunset Farm Carlo

Born: October 22, 2005

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam: CA Alpha Centuri

Carlo is a possible "Ivory Spotted".  He is a very light creme color and white and  we will be anxious to see his summer coat and coloring!
$900 to a good home when weaned.
Texas Sunset Farm Shelby
Born: October 25, 2005
Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle       Dam:  "MG" CA Little Moonglow
Shelby has a fantastic extended pedigree besides her flashy spots!
Texas Sunset Farm Serena
Born:  October 25, 2005
Sire:  758's Alberto     Dam:  Day Farm Skippy
She is absolutely beautiful.   Her Dad is red. I called her Serena because she is so calm and collected! 

Mouseover for another view of Pasquale
Texas Sunset Farm Paolo
Born: January 26, 2006

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam: Day Farm Pia

He is such a tiny sweet boy, bright white with interesting spots!

Shelby and Serena are now residing in Waller, TX.  Thank you to the Pecht Family ! 
I know they have a great home.
SOLD!  Thanks again to Bill and Kathy Torrey of Kingsbury, Texas.  He will join his half brother, "Texas Sunset Farm Dante" at this wonderful home!  These boys have been blessed with a warm and loving family.   Thank you to the Torrey's..
Pasquale is SOLD!  Thank you to Amy Anderson of Springtown TX.
Antonio is sold and living with the Meador Family in Cost, Texas.  Thank you so much for giving him a loving home!
Paolo with his new family, The Forbys in Illinois.  Thank You!
Thank you to Mary Burkhalter in Hearne, Tx for giving the boys a new home and second chance.  The boys were originally sold to somone else and Mary purchased them from the first owner.  Now Romeo and "Vinny" have a permanant and loving home!
Texas Sunset Farm Guido
Born: August 9, 2006
Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam:  Day Farm Sprite

Thank you Sandy and David Osterman!  Guido is now living with a little donkey friend in League City, Texas.
Thanks to Maxwell's Silver Hammer Farm in Bastrop, Texas for purchasing Lexus!
Thank you to Circleville Acres in Austin, Texas for purchasing Mercedes!