Raising Quality Registered Miniature Donkeys
"What kind of donkey are you?"
Texas Sunset Farm Precious and Arriana

Araucana Chicken flock sire: "Rooster"..isn't he pretty!
Our sweet Llama: "Como se llama"..."Como for short"...
He adorned our Christmas card one year.  One of my aunts asked "What kind of Dog is that"!
Texas Sunset Farm St. Dominic.  He went to reside in Waller, Texas!  He now lives with his family in Yaokum. "Elvis" as he is known to his family.
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Patt and Pia's  baby boy...Texas Sunset Farm Antonio
John riding Princess
Newest baby!
Araucana eggs, blue green!
Hey, what kind of chicken is this?  No wonder I can't find any eggs!
Mercedes (on the left) with her new owner.  She is going to
reside at Circleville Acres in Austin.  Lexus (on the right) will reside in Bastrop with her new owner, Teri.
Thanks to both of you!
Porsche and Angelina on the day they were to leave the farm...January 31st, 2005.  It had been raining and raining for days.  The girls were quite muddy.  We loaded them in to the huge nine horse trailer in the pouring rain..(They looked a bit silly in such a huge thing.)  The transport company stopped to pick up another little donkey north of Dallas for the buyer.  The little donkey will be on her way to the same home outside of Devon, England.

Thank you to Penny Cooke of the UK,  for the new additions to your farm and the foundations of your future breeding program.  You have made a good choice!
Angelina and Porsche in the big rig on their way to Oklahoma.
Look at the size of the transport vehicle for such little girls.  Big Rig... Little Donkeys!  Good-bye to the little girls....gone from Texas Sunset Farm.  They are on their way to an exciting new home in the United Kingdom!  I gave them a big donkey kiss and hug and I know they are on their way to another loving home across the Atlantic.
Angelina and Porsche in Oklahoma at the quarantine station..."Nedpoint Quarter Horses".  They are best buddies and I am so glad that they will be together!   Look at that horse asking them if they shrunk in all that rain! Thank you Imgard and Penny for these pictures!
The little girls were flown to Amsterdam on the 21st of March, and ferried to a port on the coast of England and then transported to their new home to meet their new "Mom", Penny Cooke!

Penny finally got to give her new little girls a hug in person on the 26th of March!  It was a long but successful trip. Both little longears are enjoying their new home and lush grass and new Shetland Pony friends!

Angelina and Porsche Exported to England
Patt and 758's Sediket's baby boy Giacomo, born March 30th, 2005. He is gorgeous!  His Sire is 758's Alberto.
"Hey, you have spots too.  Can I have a little kiss?"
Mom, can I have more food?
Antonio,  August 2005
"The hay in the middle is better!"
Como, our llama, doing what he does best.
Angelina and Porsche at their new home and with  their new friends in Devon, England.  They are the two.... side by side.... in the middle!

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

-Dale Carnegie
Sedikit and her worn out baby boy.  10/20/07
(check out his crossed rear feet!)
Where did they come from?

Originally from Africa, they arrived on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia (near Italy) to be beasts of burdens.  Often they were underfed and over worked.  Mr. Robert Green, a New York stockbroker, heard about them and ordered six Jennies and a Jack, sight unseen. They arrived May 0f 1929. Ufortunately a few months later they were attacked by dogs and three Jennies were killed. The Jack and the remaining three Jennies were the original foundation herd of Miniature Donkeys in the United States.  The first Miniature born in the United States was a little Jack born on Columbus Day 1929 and he was named Christopher Columbus. Robert Green continued to import others and  in 1935 Mr. Green had a herd of 52 donkeys.

The Miniature Donkey today has proved to be a popular pet and there are over 50,000 registered  in the United States today!
Fandango waiting for his debut at his first parade at the Moulton Jamboree. 
July 27, 2008