Our Jennets
Raising Quality Registered Miniature Mediteranean  Donkeys
Here are some of our breeding Jennets.  We are proud of their quality, diverse and well known pedigree's.... and sweet temperaments. You can see that they have beautiful foals!  Check out those colors!

Texas Sunset Farm Zara
Medium Brown
Sire:   758's Alberto
Dam:  Texas Sunset Farm Zoe

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Day Farm Pia
Gray-Dun, 33"
Sire:   Day Farm Barney, 32"
Dam:  Day Farm Pepsi, 34.5"
Future Brood Jennets
758's Tabatha
Gray & White Spotted
Sire: 758's Francisco
Dam: Gardner's Tina Tot

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758's Bright Side
Bright Dark Red
Sire: LN Star Spangled Banner
Dam: 758's Periwinkle

758's Dewi
Dark Brown, 34"
Sire: Valentino 49 (Winchester)
Dam: Wood Acres Maybelline

Texas Sunset Farm Lola
Dark Gray-Dun
Dam: Day Farm Pepsi
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle

CA Little Moonglow
Gray-Dun, 33.5"
Sire: JKP Adanal's Laredo
Dam: MHT Margie

Mueller's Snowy Rose
Fully Frosted Spotted White
Sire: Short ASSets ZackASS
Dam: Mueller's Lady Primrose

CA Alpha Centauri
Gray & WhiteSpotted, 34"
Sire: T Hollow Juanjak
Dam: Big Al's Joan


Mueller's Lady Primrose ( Fully Frosted Spotted White) 32.5"
Day Farm Sophia (Gray- Dun), 34.5"
Day Farm Pepsi  (Gray-Dun), 34.5"
Day Farm Sprite (Gray-Dun), 36"
Texas Sunset Farm Zoe (Dark Brown), 31.5"
Texas Sunset Farm Dona (Gray & White Spotted) immature
758's Sedikit  (Dark Gray-Dun)
758's Minnehaha (Gray & White Spotted) immature
758's Minerva ( Light Red Roan) immature
Favro's Pasquale (Gray-Dun), 32.75"
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Day Farm Skippy
(very pregnant)
Light Rose Gray-Dun, 32"
Sire:  Day Farm Barney
Dam: Chaparral's Tiny Rose
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Mueller's Precious

Little Behinds Dazzle
Brown and White Spotted, 30.75"

Dazzle is bred to our spotted herdsire, Ozark Silver Eagle, 33" ( Rainbow's Blizzard lineage) for a Fall 2007 foal.  Update!! Dazzle had a spotted little girl (Noel) Christmas Night 2007!

Texas Sunset Farm Carmella
Texas Sunset Farm Zita
Zara is SOLD