Raising Quality Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys
Texas Sunset Farm Sienna
Born: August 6, 2006

Sire:   758's Alberto (red) 33"
Dam:  758's Sedikit (steel gray-dun) 35"

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Texas Sunset Farm Darla
Born:  8/21/06

Sire:  759's Alberto (red) 33"
Dam: 758's Dewi (dark brown) 34"
Thanks to Lucky Lil' Ass Farm in Colorado for purchasing the two full sisters!

I will be more than happy to e-mail the registration and pedigrees on any of my donkeys.  They have great lineage back to the original imports.  If you are looking for some good lines to compliment yours, I will be more than happy to obligue.

You must have another equine to purchase just one as...one donkey is a lonely donkey.
Texas Sunset Farm Giuseppe
Born: October 31, 2006

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle (spotted) 32.25"
Dam: Farvo's Pasquale (Gray Dun) 32.75"

Texas Sunset Farm Valentino
Born:  February 11, 2007

Sire: 758's Alberto (red) 33"
Dam:  Day Farm Skippy (Gray-dun) 32"

What a cutie!  He's Pink!  Here he is at about two hours old (the "rollover" picture).    Valentino is now a gelding. Valentino is going to the Dallas area with Silvio.  Thank you to Cabo Ranch!
Texas Sunset  Farm Carmela
Born: May 29, 2007

Sire:  758's Alberto (33" Red)
Dam: Mueller's Lady Primrose (32.5" Fully Frosted Spotted White)

Carmela is a beautiful reddish brown with leg garters and zippers. (These are dark rings around her legs and a dark line up the inside of the legs.)  She should be carrying many varied and interesting color genes. Carmela can be bred to my Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted).  Her best friend is Libby and they should go to the same home.  I wasn't going to sell Libby but they are always together.  Libby is a Great grandaughter of the famous Country Music's George Jones.
$1,100 or $1,200 bred.
Texas Sunset Farm Gabriella
Born: September 29, 2007

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted)
Dam: Day Farm Sprite

Texas Sunset Farm Giorgina
Born: September 30, 2007

Sire:  758's Alberto (33" red)
Dam: 758's Dewi

Giorgina is going to Colorado with her sister Darla. Thank you to Lucky Lil' Ass Farm!
Texas Sunset Farm Silvio
Born:  August 22, 2008

Sire:  758's Alberto (red, 33")
Dam:  758's Snowy Rose (frosted spotted white, 32") 

This little guywas an unusual light red and white spotted when born but will probably end up as a frosted spotted white like his mom! 
Thanks to Cabo Ranch for giving Silvio and Valentino, what I know, will be a great home!
Texas Sunset Farm Noel
Born: 12/25/07
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted)
Dam: Little Behinds Dazzle (30.5" dark spotted)

Noel is our Christmas gift.  Twenty inches at four days old and a very pretty girl with a great pedigree.  She should be small when full grown.  Noel has black spots down her back and tail which you can't see in this picture.  Noel is a loving girl!   Noel can be sold with a breeding to our new black stud, Bo Jangles.    $2,000 to an approved home.
Texas Sunset Farm Lolita
Born:  2/8/08
Sire:  758's Alberto (33" red)
Dam:  Texas Sunset Farm Lola ( 33 1/2"gray-dun)

She looks just like her Mom, Lola; hence Lolita.  (Her Sire is in the far background.)  Lolita is a solid, stocky girl.  31.25" as a three year old. She is a beautiful steel gray and is sweet as can be.    $1,200 to an approved home. 
Texas Sunset Farm Infiniti

Born: May 16, 2008
(30 1/2" at 21 months)
Sire:   Ozark Silver Eagle (Spotted, 32.25")
Dam:  CA Little Moonglow aka MG
(33 1/2 "Gray Dun)

Infiniti has fantastic markings which are almost identical on both sides!  She has a wonderful stance and conformation.   Infiniti would be a great donkey to show. She is very sweet.  $2,200 to a good home.
Texas Sunset Farm Pino
Born:  May 13, 2008

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam: Day Farm Pepsi

This little guy has beautiful markings...leg stripes, buttons.  He is super affectionate and would make a great show donkey or cart donkey. Pino is old enough to start training as a cart donkey.
He is a gelding $400

Texas Sunset Zanna
Born: May 31, 2008

Sire:  758's Alberto (33" Red)
Dam:  Texas Sunset Farm Zoe: (31.5" Dark Brown)

Texas Sunset Farm Jemma
Born: May, 20, 2008

Sire: 758's Alberto (33" red)
Dam: Mueller's Precious (33.5"gray-dun)

Texas Sunset Farm Stella
Born: June 29, 2008
(31.25" on 11/1/09)

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted)
Dam:  Day Farm Sophia (34 1/2 "gray-dun)

Stella is a flashy, stocky, dark brown and black spotted Jenny.   She has the "look at me" attitude and would stand out in the show ring.  She has scattered "Pinto" like spots.  $2,500 to an approved home.  (If she and her best friend, Holly are going to the same home, then I am  flexible on her price.)
Texas Sunset Farm Portia
Born:    July 13, 2008

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" Spotted)
Dam: Favro's Pasquale  (32.75" Gray Dun)

This little girl is friendly and a "looker" too and she has an extended pedigree.     $1,200 to a good home.  Portia is old enough to be bred or just be a sweet pet.  Portia has a beautiful conformation and face.

Giuseppe is living with the Roberts in Bellville, TX.  He will have a new gelding friend, Frisco!
Texas Sunset Farm Aro
Born: August 14, 2008

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted)
Dam:  CA Alpa Centauri (34" spotted)

Aro is bright and flashy! He was two and a half weeks early and was a surprise one morning!  He is very sweet and would make a good performance show donkey.  
Sienna is residing in Rosanky, Texas with her new owners, Kelly and Callie.  Gabriella is with Sienna at their new home.

Thanks for giving them a loving home!

Texas Sunset Farm Sabrina
Born: August 26, 2008

Sire: 758's Alberto (Red, 33")
Dam:758's Lady Primrose (Fully frosted spotted white)

This little girl is getting redder by the day!  She is a spotted, stocky and a quite a looker.  $3,000 when weaned, to a good home.

Aro is living with Sabrina in Floresville.  He will have a wonderful family!
Deposits on "sold" donkeys are non-refundable.

Texas Sunset Farm Holly
Born: December 10, 2008
31 1/2" at  14 months
Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle (32.25" spotted)
Dam:  Day Farm's Pia      (33" gray-dun)

Holly is our Christmas time baby. She is very spoiled and sweet but no, you don't have to keep her in the house! She was just visiting.  $2,200
Sabrina is residing in Floresville, TX with Texas Sunset Farm Aro.
Texas Sunset Farm Benedict
Born: April 9, 2009

He is small and compact!  Perfect bite too.  A future herdsire or show donkey for sure... look no further!

Sire:  758's Alberto (33" Red)
Dam: 758's Bright Side (33" Red)

Stocky and correct, here is the perfect future herd sire!   He is a beautful deep red with a small star on his forehead and is very small.  Small head and beautiful ears.  Very friendly.   $1,000 to a good home.
Texas Sunset Farm Taone
Born: April 29,2009
Sire:  758's Alberto
Dam: 758's Dewi

They chose her name "Taone"
which means "Sunset" in Thai.  It's a beautiful name!
Texas Sunset Farm Shiner

Born: May 11, 2009
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle
Dam: Day Farm Sprite

"Shiner" is sold and  living with The Thortons with "Taone".  He will be a gelding.  They named him too after our famous Shiner Beer and he was born in Shiner.
Lolita and her Mom, Lola, along with Rose went to the same loving home!
Thank you Madison for loving the girls!
Texas Sunset Farm Mia
Born: July 18, 2009
(27" at six months)
Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle  32.25"
Dam: 758's Minniehaha (33.25           Gray and White Spotted)

Minnie's Mia is a doll and an almost carbon copy of her mom's markings.
Shiner and Taone at their new home with the Thortons. They are very lucky to have such loving new "parents"!
Left to Right:
Stella, Holly and Infiniti
Jemma and her best friend Zanna are sold and going to Crooked Creek Ranch, Blue Ridge, TX.

Thanks Jan!  I am sure the girls will have a great home.
Mia is sold!  She is going to live in west Texas.
Thanks Minnie for giving "Minnie's Mia" a good home.
Texas Sunset Farm Tia Maria
Born: May 26, 2010

Sire: 758's Alberto ( Red 33")
Dam: UIL A Star is Born (aka "Twinks") (Gray Dun NLP 31.25")

She is a tiny girl...meaured 19.25 inches at three days old. A beautiful deep brown/black Jennet.

Texas Sunset Farm Allesandra (Alli)
Born: April 10, 2010

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle (Spotted 32.25")
Dam: CA Alpha Centuri   (Spotted 34")

What a beautiful color and conformation.  She will be available to a good home when weaned for $1,100. 
Texas Sunset Farm Leonardo
Born: April 23, 2010

Sire   758's Alberto (Red 33")
Dam: 758's Lady Primrose
        (Spotted Frosted White 32.5")

Small future herdsire.  Pretty head and ears! 20" at birth.  Can sire many different colors.   Leonardo is SOLD.
Texas Sunset Farm Divo
Born: May 29, 2010

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (Spotted 32.25")
Dam:  Little Behinds Dazzle (Spotted 30.75")

This little guy was 20 inches at birth. He is tiny!  He will probably be a dark brown spotted.  Short Assets ZackASS grandson as well as Cobra's Chico in his extended pedigree. Divo is now a gelding. $400 to a good home.
Texas Sunset Farm Silvia
Born: May 10, 2010

Sire: 758"s Alberto (Red 33")
Dam: Mueller's Snowy Rose (Frosted Spotted White 32")                                        
Pretty little Jenny that would be an asset to add color to your herd.  She has black spots inside her ears and one black spot on her butt!  Great Lineage.

Texas Sunset Farm Sam
Born: May 8, 2010

This little guy is one of the friendliest and cutest foals that I have had in a long time.  I am working on getting his mom registered as she is a quality donk but her paperwork is misplaced.  His Sire is my Ozark Silver Eagle.  He will be a gelding and will be a wonderful pet with one of his little buddies.

Thanks Cathy!

Texas Sunset Farm Petra
April 4, 2010
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (Spotted 32.25")
Dam: Day Farm Pepsi (Gray Dun 34.50")

What a pretty girl!  She is an unusal shade of gray/brown. She has a beautiful face and   gorgeous eyes.  

"MOM, What are you doing?"  Sparks, aka UIL Born on the Fourth of July with her one day old foal.
Texas Sunset Farm Paco
Born: April 19, 2010
Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle            (Spotted 32.25")
Dam: Favro's Pasquale (Lilly)    (Gray-dun 32.75")

Thanks Cathy!
Stetson is residing in Oregon.  Thank you Mary!  I know that he will have a good home.
Holly and Stella should really go to the same home.  They have been together since birth.  They stick together like glue!
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Tia Maria and Petra are best friends and should go to a new home together.  I will discount the price to keep them together.
Texas Sunset Farm Stetson
Born: March 23, 2010

Sire: Ozark Silver Eagle (Spotted 32.25")
Dam: CA Little Moonglow (Gray Dun 33.50")

Stetson aka Maserati is SOLD

The following donkeys are SOLD!
Texas Sunset Farm Bellina
Born:  April 10, 2011

Sire:  758's Alberto        (33" Red)
Dam: 758's Bright Side  (33.25" Red)

This little girl is a gorgeous vibrant Red with a large white star on her forehead.  She has a pretty litte girly face.  Perfect conformation and could be your next show donkey!

Texas Sunset Farm Santino
Born:  April 9, 2011

Sire:  758's Alberto  (33" Red)
Dam:  Day Farm Skippy  (32" Gray)

What a stocky boy with a sweet face!  He would be the perfect performance Mini Donk!

Santino has been gelded and ready to go to a new home  $400
Tia Maria...My Little Bunny!

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Texas Sunset Farm Zachery
Born:  May 19, 2010

Sire:  Ozark Silver Eagle  (Spotted, 32.75")
Dam:  Texas Sunset Farm Zoe  (Dark Brown, 31.5")

Zack is SOLD!  Thanks Cathy!
The three boys who were together from birth are now residing  in Big Spring, Texas with their new family, Cathy and Russell!.

They got a great home!

Texas Sunset Farm Marcella
Born:  May 10, 2011

Sire:   758's Alberto  (33" Red)
Dam:  758's Minerva (33" Light Red Roan)

Gorgeous dark mahogany red with a white forehead star.  She is stunning and would be a show ring knockout! 

Texas Sunset Farm Dafne
Born:  May 15, 2011

Sire: 758's Alberto (33" Red)
Dam: 758's Dewi:  (34" Dark Brown)

The beautiful dark brown with light points is so desired and this little girl is adorable!  She is ready to go to her new home .   $1,400       
SOLD!  Thank you Rick and Jeanice for purchasing him to be your Herdsire in Lockhart, Texas.

Benedict measures 30.5" at two years old!

Snowy Rose
Lady Primrose
Texas Sunset Farm Nico
Born: April 30th, 2010

Sire:  758's Alberto
Dam: UIL Born on the Fourth of July

Sweet Nico is now a gelding and ready to go to his new home.  $500
Allesandra and Silvia are best friends, together since birth.  If they go to a good home together, they are available for less $$!
Texas Sunset Farm Arabella and Zara going home with their new family!  Thank you to the Burges for giving them a loving home!
Thank you Marty for giving Silvia and Alli a home together  They will be an asset to your breeding program.

They are now residing at "Garden State Mini Farm" in Saragosa, TX.
Tia Maria
and Petra
are sold and going to reside with The Heinrich Family in Arizona.

Thank you!  I know that you will love them, and them, you.
Bellina is sold and going to her new home with Noel.

Thank you to the Kindla family of Pearland, Texas.  The girls will have a loving home!
Noel is sold and joining Bellina in her new home!
Santino will be going to his new home in Corpus Christi with Nico.  Thanks Crystal!
Thanks Crystal!
Nico is going to his new home in Corpus Christi with Santino.
Pino is going to his new home with Rocky.

These boys look like twins!
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Divo has a wonderful home with the Flanagan Family! Thank you!
Holly, Stella, Marcella and Dafne are BFF and so thank you very much to The Boothby Family for giving them a fabulous home together!